Euro Millions Lottery Online

Playing the Euro Millions Lottery Online

eLottery Syndicate allows individuals to engage in this popular lottery online. There are some significant advantages to be had by those who opt to take this option. To begin with, there is a significantly increased chance of winning a prize. Of course, as with most things performed online, there is a massive convenience factor which allows players to enjoy a much easier experience regarding their ticket, choosing their numbers and, most importantly of all, finding out if they happen to be the winner of the current draw. All of this can be easily arranged via the website.

The odds of winning a prize when paying this popular lottery online are increased 36% over when one plays in the conventional way. While the prizes will be shared with the EuroMillionsResults Syndicate, the winning still generally account for much more overall than do the winnings enjoyed by those who play the lottery in the traditional fashion. Playing the lottery in this regard also helps to eliminate some of the most common stresses that accompany purchasing a ticket and, for those individuals who get truly excited about making their play, the online experience can be much more fun.

With EuroMillionsResults, one need not worry about losing their Euro Millions ticket. Winning the lottery and losing the ticket probably constitutes one of the most common nightmare scenarios entertained by those who love to play the numbers. The other principal advantage is that one need not even check their numbers: the numbers are checked automatically. One may set up their account to purchase their ticket at regular intervals so that they are not left out of the game because of not being able to make it to the vendor’s establishment on time. Overall, this method of play has some very attractive aspects.

From Ancient to Modern Times, Lotteries Pay

Lotteries have been around for centuries, even used by Augustus Caesar to fund repairs for Rome. Lotteries are still one of the ways governments raise money to fund programs and fill in the holes left by financial short falls. Some lotteries are run by private companies, but are always highly regulated by government. In the United Kingdom and Europe, the government gets 12% of total sales as a Lottery Duty. Such is the case with the Euro Millions lottery.

While most of the proceeds (50%) go to prizes, the rest is divided between the administering companies, operating costs, commissions paid to retailers, some to the respective governments in the form of duties, and then the next largest percentage goes to the “Good Causes.” Good Causes is dispersed in the form of grants for education, health, and the environment; sports; arts; and heritage. For a complete breakdown and links, check the Euro Millions Results web site.

In addition to the percentage of proceeds given to Good Causes, any unclaimed prizes go into the fund as well. Winners have 180 days to claim their prizes, after that period, the unclaimed prizes go into the fund. Quite a few prizes go unclaimed, usually because the buyer never checked the numbers, inadvertently threw the ticket away, or possible lost the ticket. Euro Millions Results lists all the past winning numbers; in case you find a ticket lying around.

One way to avoid losing possible winnings is to buy lottery tickets online, at sites like Euro Millions Results. The ticket and numbers are recorded electronically and assigned to the buyer, so there is no chance of the ticket being lost, forgotten, thrown away, or stolen. Buying tickets on-line is easy. All you need is a debit card (they don’t accept credit cards), and you can even buy tickets weeks in advance.