Different Ways To Enter Irish Lottery

Ways To Enter Irish Lottery

Started way back in the year 1987, the Irish Lottery is considered one of the oldest in the lottery business. When it first started, its primary target group was the British Isles. People found the game to be very easy and although it did not have a lump sum amount as jackpot, but because of the game play, people found it quite interesting than other games. Since people liked this game and they also won more money they soon started discussing the game among-st others who were interested in gambling games. Word spread quickly and after 7 long years the game was also launched in the United Kingdom. There also the popularity of this lottery game spread like quick fire. One of the main reasons why there was so much popularity all around is because the game was much easier to play than any other lottery game. Euromillions attracted a lot of people initially, but with such an easy game in hand, players found it more intriguing than the other games. Another reason why players were so much attracted towards the game is because of the prize money. The rules of this game had it that if one particular game does not have a winner, the prize money for that game would roll over to the next game. In this way, if there were consecutive games without any winner the amount of money to be won would become huge and sometimes it was even equivalent to the jackpot amount.

Initial Game Play

In 1987 there was no concept of internet and people did not even imagine that there would be a day when computer will be invented. At that time scratch cards existed and players had a gala time with these cards. In fact, there were scratch card video games and they were wide accepted by the players from all around Ireland. The concept of scratch cards was quite easy. Players would have to buy the ticket at a certain rate from brokers. In return they would get a scratch card which they would have to scratch and match the numbers that would come up. If the numbers match the player would win a certain amount of money. Since the price of the tickets were comparatively less than other games, it became easier to play for a large number of people. Players did not have to make any calculation or think about any combination to match the numbers. It was plain luck that decided the winner.